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How to Foam Roll the Bottom of Feet

Learn how to foam roll the bottom of your feet in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


How do you foam roll the bottom of your foot? You can use a golf ball or any kind of small ball. I also recommend a body bar that you can use at the bottom of the foot.

Now, the foot tenses up very easily. You have a lot of muscles on the foot. So I recommend all people, whether you're an athlete or a weekend warrior, to roll the bottom of your foot.

So you take the golf ball, I have a golf ball to demonstrate today, and you're just going to simply put your foot on it and roll around. You're going to start on the top by your heel and roll all the way through your arch to the balls of your feet by your toes. Again, you have a lot of muscle the plantar fascia is here and runners tend to really get a lot of injuries here because of the fact that their foot is often hitting the ground continuously. So you really want to roll the bottom of the foot and make sure the muscles here stay loose and limber.

So I would recommend 2 minutes on each foot. If need be, do more. The body bar also works well here because sometimes a golf ball can kind of slip out under your foot and you can loose it. So I recommend rolling on either a yoga mat or something that you're not going to loose the ball.

So 2 minutes on the right, 2 minutes on the left and that's how you roll the bottom of your foot.

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