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What Is Foam Rolling?

Learn about foam rolling from certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast video.


So what is foam rolling? You've seen this going on at the gym. You've seen people doing it on the ground. You're not sure if it's a stretch. Is it a part of their workout? The fancy term for foam rolling is self-myofascial release. So what that is is basically self-massage. What you're doing is you're breaking up any kind of tendons, tight tendons, knots, adhesions in the body, and you're allowing yourself to move much more freely and easily.

You wake up. You're stiff. The best thing to do is foam roll. foam roll also improves soft tissue extensibility, and it recruits your antagonist muscle to kick in. An apparatus that looks similar to a pool noodle, it's an oblong shaped thing. It's more dense than a pool noodle. It's your body and the roller. The floor acts as the barrier, and you apply pressure to your body using the foam roller. So there's no sense in being strong and not pliable. If you're able to bench 250 pounds, but you're not able to get up in the morning, what's the sense in that? You need to be able to function on a daily basis pain-free. That's the basics of what foam rolling is.

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