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Who Should Use a Foam Roller?

Learn about the type of people who would benefit from foam rolling from certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast video.


So who should be foam rolling? Basically anyone can foam roll.

If you have a normal circulatory system and you have normal blood flow, then you can foam roll. The people who shouldn't be foam rolling are people that suffer from acute pain such as fibromyalgia, or any kind of boney joint issue in the body. If you also come out of a recent surgery or any kind of recent rehabilitation surgery, I would consult your doctor before you think about foam rolling.

The good news is if you're an athlete you can foam roll. If you don't work out, you can foam roll. Anyone can foam roll. It's not something that you have to do if you only work out. Normal people, everyday joes, weekend warriors, anyone an foam roll. It's totally open and it's beneficial for anyone and everyone.

So for the athletes who need to foam roll, it's going to be majorly beneficial for you because you're going to be able to roll out your quads, your , your gluts. But for people who don't even work out, for non-runners, for people who sit at a desk all day and don't have time to work out, foam rolling will be beneficial for you as well because of the fact you sit all day. Your hip flexors are tight, your , your , all these muscles just get tight from living on a daily basis. So even if you don't do any kind of athletic activity, keep in mind that foam rolling is going to be majorly beneficial to you as well.

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