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Benefits of Using a Foam Roller

Learn the benefits of using a foam roller from certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast video.


So what are the benefits of foam rolling? Foam rolling is similar to deep tissue massage. It breaks up knots and adhesions you have throughout the body. So there's a lot of benefits, but the most important ones are that it increases soft tissue extensiblity, it increases range of motion and flexibility, it decreases any kinds of adhesions and knots you have throughout the body, and it also helps to fill in gaps that you can't get to the massage therapist every week. You know, it's not financially feasible for you. Or you don't have the time.

So foam rolling keeps your body healthy. It keeps you limber, and it allows you to move much more freely and easily on a daily basis. Just from the process of daily life, living, sitting, running, walking, our muscles tighten up. So foam rolling is going to help you smooth out those tight muscles and eliminate any kind of pain and sorenesses you have throughout the body. Foam rolling will also help keep current injuries at bay and prevent future injuries from coming on. And those are the main benefits of foam rolling.

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