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How to Pick a Foam Roller

Learn how to pick a foam roller from certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast video.


So how do you know what foam roller to choose? Well this depends on how long you've been foam rolling. If you're a newbie to foam rolling, I would recommend you start with a soft density foam roller. So the white foam rollers are usually the softer ones. They also come in different colors. Just make sure it's soft density foam rollers. It's going to be the oblong type looking roller that looks similar to a pooling noodle. So you want to start with the softer density ones because you don't know how much pain you're going to experience. And you always want to build, just like strength training, you want to start from the bottom up. Any kind of thing in the fitness realm, you want to make sure you start slowly and work, progress your way in a safe manner.

So after you choose which foam roller, you have the option of the white roller. You have the option of a black roller. Which is the higher density foam rollers. These also come in a textured foam roller. So you see these with the ridges. These hit the muscles in a different way. I would definitely recommend somebody that has already been foam rolling to get a textured roller, after they've been foam rolling for quite some time. Because of the intensity level, it can be a little painful.

So from there, you have the option of also going to a smaller medicine ball. The medicine ball is good because it's more three dimensional. You can maneuver your body around it, and it can hit certain muscles in a different kind of way. And it could get more into the muscle, which could be a little more intense. Again, this would be for somebody who is a little more experienced with foam rolling. The smaller the ball, the more intense it's going to be. The smaller the ball, and also the harder ball, the more dense the ball. So you can also progress yourself to a low cross ball, to a softball, to a baseball, into a tennis ball. These apparatuses will be really good to use on smaller muscle groups. And they'll be able to get in deeper into the muscle, and you'll be able to feel it in a much more intense way.

And that's how basically you choose the best foam roller for you.

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