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2 Tools for Massaging Very Tight Muscles

Learn about two tools you can use to massage very tight muscles in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


What other tools can we use to get deeper into tight muscles? Your basic high density and low density formula are the ob line type looking things that look similar to a pulled noodle. Those are the objects you are going to use for the big muscle groups. Those are great for your quads, for hamstrings, for your gloots, for your aductors. If you want to get more specific, you want to work deeper into the muscle, there are certain options that you do have.

You do have the soft ball. You have a baseball. You have a lacrosse ball. You have a tennis ball, and you can also use a golf ball for areas, such as the bottom of the feet, even your calves. You also have the option of having a stick, if you're at a gym. Chances are that they have a medicine ball and a form roller. Most gyms now a days do carry, they have form rollers and a lot of the times just for exercise purposes, they do have medicine balls.

A lot of gyms, unfortunately, don't have softballs or tennis balls or anything like that. So, you can use a medicine ball if you at a gym and the form roller's not doing the trick because it is more three dimensional, and you will be able to maneuver your body around it in a different kind of way versus from when you are on the form roller. You have those options. Play around, again you want to start from the bottom up. So, definitely start with the form roller. If that's good enough then stay there. The more consistent you are with form rolling the easier it will get. The less painful, pain you're going to experience overall, and those are of the tools you can use to get deeper into your muscles.

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