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How to Pick a Foam Roller Based on Age

Learn how to pick a foam roller based on your age in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So does age have an impact on the foam roller that you choose? The answer is yes. Regardless, if you're a person starting out, if you're 15 years old or if you're 50, you're going to start out with a low-density foam roller. However, if you're older, you may have some shoulder or joint or kind of, you know, knee, whatever it is, you have some kind of issues going on in the body that a younger person doesn't experience. So I would recommend if you are older definitely starting out with the lower density foam roller, probably the white foam roller. If you are younger and you are just starting out foam roller, I would also recommend you start out with a soft density foam roller.

However, if you are younger, you'll probably be able to progress a lot more quickly. If you are older the white density foam roller may be enough for you may just stay there. You may not need to progress. That might be enough pressure for the muscle, and that might be enough for you. You might just stay there. So age does have an impact on foam rolling. However, it's not always a precursor as to where you should start. I would always recommend anyone new to foam rolling starting out with a soft density foam roller and working your way up from there. However, the older you are, the more carefully you should progress yourself when using a foam roller.

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