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When & How Often Should I Foam Roll?

Learn when's the best time to foam roll and how often you can and should foam roll in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So when is the best time to foam roll? For the majority of my clients who are everyday people, they're working nine to five job. They're at a desk all day. I would say the best time for them to foam roll is right before their workout. For athletes, for people that work out for a living, they can foam roll any time after their workout. They need to make their gym time count. They need to be in the gym. They need to make sure their workouts are 100 percent their workouts. For people that are working the nine to five, they need the stretching.

They need the rolling just as much as they need the workout. So I would recommend those people, the everyday people that are working the nine to five, most of my clients, most of you probably at home watching this video, working out before your workout, 10 to 15 minutes minimum. How often can you foam roll? Every day. As long as your body feels good, as long as you're not experiencing any acute pain, you're good to foam roll whenever as often as you want. So minimally, you want to foam roll at least three to four times a week. Remember, the more often you foam roll, the less painful it's going to be, the more benefits you will reap.

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