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Benefits of Using a Textured Foam Roller

Learn about the benefits of using a textured foam roller in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So what are the benefits of a textured foam roller? What is a textured foam roller? A textured foam roller are the foam rollers with the ridges, the things you see kind of popping up out of the foam roller. That's what the textured foam roller is. What's the benefit of that? So the benefit of that is you're going to be able to get deeper into the muscle. Those little grooves on the foam roller will be able to hit different parts of the muscle, because of the random grooves that you have on it. It will get slightly deeper into it, more on the side, more in the front. If you're rolling your quad with it, you'll definitely feel the difference as opposed to using a smooth foam roller. And those are the benefits of using a textured foam roller.

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