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How to Prevent Shoulder Pain Caused by Foam Rolling

Learn how to prevent the shoulder pain that can be caused by holding yourself up to foam roll in this Howcast video featuring trainer Amanda Edell.


So if you're experiencing pain, when foam rolling in your shoulders, it can be caused by one of two things. Number one, your alignment may be off. So you want to do a little body check. Make sure everything is aligned. Your wrists under your elbows and your elbows under your shoulders. So a lot of the time when we foam roll, we may not have the shoulder strength to hold ourselves up and this is perfectly okay. If that's the case, you can bend one leg to take the pressure off your shoulders or you could also use yoga blocks because sometimes having the grip strength may alleviate some of the shoulder pain as well.

So by using the yoga blocks, what you're going to do is you could place them either the long way, vertical, or you could have them on the shorter end and just hold on to the blocks. And by doing that, it will alleviate tension and pressure off the shoulder just by adding some grip strength in there. So if you're still experiencing pain when foam rolling, you tried the yoga block, you checked your body alignment, you're still experiencing that shoulder pain, I would definitely switch to using the stick, which is a narrow diameter.

You could prop your leg up on to something because most of the time when you're experiencing the shoulder pain, you're trying to roll your hamstring and you have to lift your body so a lot of that weight is in your shoulders. Definitely just switch to using the stick, prop your leg up on something and use your arms just roll out your hamstring instead of trying to do it on the foam roller. And those are some simple tactics you can use when trying to alleviate shoulder pain when foam rolling.

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