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How Long You Should Foam Roll Each Muscle

Learn how long you should foam roll each muscle in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So how long should you be foam rolling each muscle? Well it depends. If you're experiencing tightness or tension or pain in a given area, you're going to want to focus on that area for a longer period of time. Each muscle group you want to be rolling for about two minutes. I always recommend two minutes or ten rolls per muscle. The longer muscles are obviously going to take you a longer amount of time. Again you want to focus on the areas that really feel tense the areas that you are experiencing the most pain. Stay there.

You could even stay there for three to five minutes. That's not going to hurt you. The longer you stay, the more stuff you're going to get out, the more stuff you're going to break up so that the next time you go back, it will be easier to roll out. Even when it comes to the smaller muscle groups, if you're unsure, if you feel like there's nothing really happening, stay on it. You want to always roll two minutes per muscle. Even if you're not feeling like you're doing something, chances are you're still breaking stuff up, and you're still reaping the benefits. There's no given time that you should be foam rolling, but the recommendation is two to three minutes per muscle or ten rolls per muscle group.

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