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Does Foam Rolling Help Relieve Sciatica Pain?

Learn how foam rolling can help relieve sciatica pain in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So does foam rolling help with sciatica pain? The answer is yes. Sciatica pain is a pain that runs form the very top of the leg all the way down to the bottom of the foot. It can be very, very paralyzing. So what do you do if you're experiencing sciatica pain? The best way to get into the sciatica is using either a softball or a tennis ball or a lacrosse ball and apply it to your piriformis, which is a lot of the time responsible for causing that pain. so what you want to do is lie on the ground and just use the softball or the tennis ball on top of the piriformis and gently roll very slowly. If this is too much for you, you can backtrack. You can totally use a softer foam roller, either a white foam roller, which is less dense, or any kind of soft tennis ball will also do the trick. And these are some ways to alleviate sciatica pain.

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