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How to Foam Roll Your Rhomboids

Learn how to foam roll your rhomboids in this Howcast video featuring certified NYC trainer Amanda Edell.


So I'm going to demonstrate how to foam roll your rhomboids. So the rhomboids are in the middle of the back. The best way to hit the rhomboids is if you turn the roller vertically like this. The rhomboids connect your scapula to your vertebrae. So they're going to be close to your scapula, and they're kind of small muscles. So you want to roll kind of by your scap to the middle of your back. And focus on the right side. You could support your head using your opposite hand. One hand can be on the ground to make sure you're not going to roll off.

And focus on the right side. Wherever you feel tender points, wherever you feel most pain, stay on it. But the rule of thumb is two minutes, and then I would say switch to the left after being on the right for a couple minutes and rolling back and forth, focusing on the areas of the most pain. You also can do this with the roller like this. You might get different parts of the rhomboids. You could have your arms crossed here on your chest, supporting your neck if your neck is troublesome. Or with your hands on the ground just to support yourself, to give yourself that kind of comfort of knowing the ground is not too far. And that's how you foam roll your rhomboids.

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