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What Is Eclectic Wicca?

Learn about Eclectic Wicca from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


Within Wicca, right, you have the British traditional Wicca which is generally gardnerianism and the Alexandra tradition. And then, in the historical development, you had what was called Eclectic Wicca which developed a lot in America, mostly in America, and was a result of people reading books. There weren't enough covens for people to be initiated in but there were books available by Margot Adler and Scott Cunningham and Starhawk and lots of people. Silver Ravenwolf. My book came out subsequently.

People read books and went to the few conferences that were available. They went to a few bookstores that were Wicca bookstores and they began to put together their own way of practicing. And one of the first, sort of, interesting developments in modern Wicca was the solo practitioner. People working alone instead of being initiated into covens, to traditional British covens, because there weren't enough to go around and it was hard to find them. They were hidden.

People began to practice from books. And that led to this term, Eclectic Wicca, where people would weave together all kinds of interesting things that worked for them. It was because Wicca is, ultimately, a personal spiritual path. People would integrate yoga or Buddhist breathing techniques. Meditation. In my case, shamanic techniques. Things that worked. Tools that worked. Tools that enable you to experience direct revelation of the divine. Communion with the divine.

And that's Eclectic Wicca.

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