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Do Wiccans Worship in the Nude?

Learn if Wiccans worship in the nude from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


The question is, do witches worship, well we don't really worship, in the nude? The answer is, not anymore. But, yes, sometimes. Not all. Not every tradition. It's not necessary. The British traditions, the Gardnerian traditions certainly had nudity part of the practice. The idea being that the body is sacred, that's there's nothing sinful about sex, that we are each a part of, we are nature. And nature itself is an embodiment of the divine. And so the body is sacred and extraordinary and utterly miraculous. And sexuality is equally revered and respected.

But, you don't have to practice in the nude. And you certainly don't have to practice in the nude if you are told that in order to participate with a group or to be initiated into a group or to work with a particular teacher that you must work in the nude. If you are not comfortable with that you don't have to do it. There are plenty of alternatives. And if you're a minor you absolutely do not have to do that. And, under no circumstances, should you be asked as a minor to be working naked.

Sexuality is the human equivalent of the mystery of the creation of the universe. It's the union of opposites, of masculine and feminine. That's how we as humans experience. A positive and negative. That the subatomic level. And it's that creative impulse out of which all of being comes into being and all of nature continues to create and recreate self and constantly improve itself. It's a gift that we're given while we are embodied, while we're in this form. And it's to be treated with the utmost respect and gratitude and joy and pleasure. And as a choice, as a personal choice that one makes as an adult in the circumstances that respect, revere and value your body, your sexuality, your magic, your gift.

And I think in that sense the only other religious tradition that truly understands and honors that, you find it in tantric yoga, vendantic yoga, little bit in the Taoist traditions and in a number of native American and other indigenous traditions. And it's rooted in this idea that nature is the embodiment of the divine. And your body is an embodiment of the divine and should be treated in the appropriate manner. In accord.

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