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Who Do Wiccans Worship?

Learn who Wiccans worship from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


Wiccans do not worship anyone or anything. It's a trick question. It's about the word "worship." It's because we don't worship, not in the traditional sense of that word. Right. Worship means something that you kneel down to and that is usually transcendent, out there, beyond you, that you beg and plead with to intervene on your behalf, because you're powerless. And although we often are, the idea is not, the experience is not that the sacred is inaccessible but rather it's present. And so Wicca is a spiritual path that's not about worshipping. It's about, it is about reverence. It's about respect. It's about communion. First and foremost, it's about living in harmony with and living guided by, and what we are living in harmony with is the natural world, nature.

We seek to live in harmony with it, because for us nature is an embodiment of the divine. It is, nature is the gown the goddess puts on in order to be seen. It's the dance that the god does. And we use anthropomorphic terms, and we have relationships with divinity as deity. And many Wiccans have special relationships with particular deities. I have a very deep, longstanding relationship with Persephone and with Diana, now very much with the Green Man. So deity can take what we think of as sort of anthropomorphic form, human form. But it is ultimately a mystery. It's beyond gender. And it's a unity that expresses itself in an infinite diversity, in an infinite variety. It's in each of us, and it's in every aspect of creation. So we understand, unlike sort of New Age, a lot of New Age thinking, that puts you at the center of the universe, that you are creating your reality, we understand that we contribute much more to the creation of our own personal realities than we may realize.

And a lot of Wicca's about coming into an understanding, a revelation of that, and responsibility for it. But we see ourselves as a strand in the web, in a sacred web. We are not, at the moment that we cast a circle and honor the sacred we are in a certain sense, like the sacred tree. We're the conduit between sacred realms and material realms. But the material realm itself is sacred for us. There is no division. It's a unity. And we participate in it. We don't control everything. Believe me, if we did and we had those powers, it would be a very different world. It would be in harmony and balance and peace and all the things that nature would naturally be and that we have lost track of. But that's what the work is about. It's about living in right relationship to the divine as it expresses itself in the world that we live in. And it's about learning from that revealed divinity, and that's about communion and reverence, respect and joy, and gratitude.

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