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Who Is the Triple Goddess in Wicca?

Learn who the Triple Goddess is from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


Hi. My name is Phyllis Curott, and I'm a Wiccan Priestess and founder of the Aura Tradition. The Triple Goddess, wonderful. The Triple Goddess is, she is the Divine Feminine in three forms. The Maiden, the young. The Mother, the fully mature and sexual, creative. And the Crone, the wise woman. The moon is the reflection of the threefold Goddess because of the phases of the moon, and because of the three stages of the moon, and because women share the rhythm of the moon.

Our bodies correspond to the 28-day cycle of the moon and the phases of our lives correspond to the phases of the moon. So the young goddess, the goddess of the hunt, the goddess of the wild woods, the warrior goddess. Diana, Artemis, even Athena who's more of a culture maker but is an independent, the virginal goddess from the original meaning of the word, virgin, which was a woman unto herself. They're wild. They're free. They're independent. And they're represented by the phases of the moon which is the waning moon, the new moon. The second is the mother, the great mother goddess, is represented by the full moon, and represents the fullness of the divine feminine powers of sexuality and creativity, of fertility, of abundance and nurturance and illumination.

And is very much the mirror in which women can see that part of themselves. And it's wonderful because in western tradition, either you don't have a divine feminine at all, or you have the Madonna who is not really to whom people relate as if she were the Divine Mother, and who is represented as the Mother of God but who is not herself considered divine. And she's denied her sexuality. So, what's marvelous I think, about Wicca and about all of the Pagan traditions that are being rediscovered and reconstructed and reborn, is this honoring of the feminine as a mother but also as fully sexual and creative and you don't have to have children to be a creative mother. You can create a work of art. You can create music. You can help create a new spiritual path.

Those are all the powers of the mother, the Great Mother. And the third form is the waning moon, represented by the waning moon, and experience at the time of the waning moon. And it's the Crone. And also a gift to western culture, which has so narrowed the definition of women's gifts, right? That once a woman is no longer sexually attractive, or capable of having children, she walks on the street and she's unseen. But the Crone, the wise woman, embodies the maiden; the strength, the courage and the independence of the young maiden goddess, the warrior goddess, as well as the fertility and the sexuality, and the joyfulness and the creative energy of the mother. And that is then rounded out with the wisdom that comes only with the passage of time and the experience of life in its blessings and also its tragedies. And that's the Crone. It's actually from the Crone that you get some of those stereotypes of the wicked witch with the large nose sort of bent over and craggy and ugly... Which is a cruel depiction of the Crone, of the older woman.

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