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What Is the Drawing Down of the Moon in Wicca?

Learn what the Drawing Down of the Moon is from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


The drawing down of the moon is a trance technique. It's very difficult to teach it, and there are very few ways to explain it, although I did make an attempt in Witchcrafting. And there's an evocation of it in the first book, in Book of Shadows. It is a means by which the priestess goes into a kind of trance and opens herself to the wisdom of the goddess and shares it with whoever if present.

It's incredibly beautiful. Your conscious mind and conscious personality is present but recedes. You feel it sort of moving back. And you open like a vessel, like the Holy Grail, like a chalice, which is the symbol of the divine feminine. And the energy comes up from within you and also enters you from without. It's generally done at the full moon and can also be done, depending on which goddesses you're calling, if you're summoning a maiden goddess, you might doing it during the waxing moon. And if you're working with a wise one, a crone, or a Hecate, you might work at the waning moon or the dark of the moon. Frequently when you're done, you don't remember what you've said, but it's usually been something of meaning and value to the people who are in your presence. And it's a blessing. It's one of many means of experiencing the presence, for women, of experiencing divine feminine within themselves and recognizing it in their sisters, in the other women with whom they work. And it's an extraordinary practice.

It seems to be quite ancient. There are pictures that seem to depict it. One of the possible means of creating the altered state, aside from the recitation of the charge of the goddess and the poetics, there's a poetic reading that helps to draw down, both of which are triggers and begin the shift of consciousness, is to work with the reflection of moonlight, either in the water at night or a silver bowl in which you've poured water, and the bowl can be tilted back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, almost like a strobe effect, which is best done a the full moon. And it's a very beautiful technique, and it's gift is to remind us that the sacred dwells within each of us.

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