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What Is the Drawing Down of the Sun in Wicca?

Learn what the Drawing Down of the Sun is from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


Drawing Down the Sun is a technique that generally men use, although men can Draw Down the Moon and women can Draw Down the Sun. And it is, but it's generally practiced by men.

And it is the means by which the god is invoked and drawn into, and communed with by a man. It could be also by a priestess but generally by a man. And it's a means of attaining kind of a solar illumination, a heightening of consciousness and a capacity to see what's ordinarily unseen. To see the sacred in yourself. To see the god as in-dwelling. And to see it present in the world around you.

And it introduces the practitioner, and those who are present when this is done, to the wisdom of the god who speaks to the person, usually the man but also a woman, who's drawing down the god.

The aspect of the sacred that may express itself could be a solar deity, someone like Lugh or Apollo, depends on the season and the aspect, the relationship between the sun and the Earth at that time, and is similar to Drawing Up the Earth, which can be done by a man or a woman, which is to draw up the genius loci, the spirit of the land, that then speaks through you, and speaks to the benefit of the people who are gathered to observe.

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