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Do Wiccans Welcome Homosexual Members?

Learn if Wiccans welcome homosexual members from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


Wicca is, I think, the first religion to not only welcome the gay community but to conduct handfastings, weddings, and to welcome the gay community as priests and priestesses. Initially, in the Gardnerian tradition, that was not the case, but that quickly changed. I was in a neo-Gardnerian coven that I was initiated in. My priestesses were Gardnerian and they decided that they wanted to have an all-women's coven because they were a gay couple. And when they began their tradition, which was the Minoan tradition, simultaneously there was a community of gay guys in New York who created a parallel tradition called the Minoan Brotherhood which exists today.

What we discovered was that polarity exists within all of us. We each contain this incredible range of characteristics that the culture has generally cut in half and said, 'Well, that belongs to men and that belongs to women.' In reality all of it belongs to each of us. It's a question of our unique distribution. That's what makes us individuals. And the sacred takes an infinite number of forms. The hermaphrodite was a sacred figure in the ancient Greek and Roman traditions, pagan traditions, pre-Christian traditions.

And there is a growing tradition of queer magic and transgender magic and they are an essential part of our community and deeply respected because they bring a tremendous amount of very important wisdom.

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