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How to Use Wiccan Magic

Learn how to use Wiccan Magic from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


Spell to great. You have to be very careful about your unconscious, tapping into it and having it influence the outcome, which it will do. But, if you open yourself to the magic of the sacred and you allow that to guide you.

So in other words you say, 'I need transportation to work.' You don't say, 'I need a Ferrari.' You say, 'I need transportation to work.' The universe brings you a bicycle you say, 'Thank you,' and you get on the bicycle. Because it turns out that the universe knew that you would develop coronary heart disease. And with a bicycle you're gonna live longer. With the Ferrari you were gonna have an accident. You were gonna lose it anyway.

So you learn to trust the universe because there is a greater wisdom at play. And it's a part of your wisdom but it sees a little further down the road than you do.

And one of the ways that you learn how to do this, to trust this, to trust the magic of the universe, to make that magic yours and make your life magical and to make your life your magic, is by learning how to pay attention to the signs and the messages that the universe sends you.

One of the easiest is the synchronicity. Yung came up with that idea. And you can read all about it in witch crafting and you can read all about it in Yung and you can read about it in Campbell and it's a very popular idea now.

But as a sign of the magic of the universe, this is one of the riches and untapped areas. It's a coincidence, but it's a coincidence that has a profound meaning to you. When I delivered my third book, it was devoted to the Dionysus principles, it was called The Love Spell. And it was all about Dionysus, this particular aspect of the divine masculine for me. The day that I delivered it to my publisher they had moved their office and I arrived in Times Square, which is where they were, I come up out of the subway and I look. And there are these enormous billboards. And on one is James Dean and on the other is Bruce Springsteen. And I thought, 'Thank you,' because I know that these are symbols of that aspect, on the archetypal level these are symbols. It was a sign of the universe in a sense of thank you. The book is about this and here it is. Here is this enormous energy in the culture and it's coming back and it's expanding what it means to be sacred in a masculine way.

And it was profound. It was extraordinary for me. So you start to decipher. You start to see, you start to understand. That's why it's important to read myths. That's why it's important to study runes, tarot. There's a whole vocabulary. We call it the Table of Correspondence which is the wick and way of making sense out of these relationships.

The divine speaks to us in words but it speaks most often in symbols and languages of pictures and imagery. And when you begin to understand what they're about you can decipher the meaning. There's a wonderful old Greek term. It's called a clade. And it's a message. It's a message from the sacred. And it's usually delivered in the voice of a small child. You're at the supermarket and you're depressed and, you know, you've broken up with your boyfriend you, you know, you don't know what to do with yourself and suddenly, you know, you hear piping up this little voice and it's like, you know, 'I believe in love, Mommy. I believe in love because you and Mommy and Daddy found each other and you made me.'

It's a clade. It's a message. Nobody else heard it, nobody else noted it. You heard it. You heard it. And it's a sign from the universe. This relationship may have ended but the whole world lies before you. Don't despair. Have hope. The world awaits you. If you want a husband you'll have it. If you want a child you'll have it.

One of the best that I have ever seen was attending a funeral. And I was talking to the person that lost their father and it was like, 'I don't believe in God and I want to and I could use it at this moment.' And all of a sudden a huge truck pulls up and passes us and it says, 'God's Trucking.' And a car pulls in front of us and the license plate says Tao. T-A-O. It's like, it's there! It's all around you.

The reason that I've practiced Wicca for so long is because it's taught me how to take off the blindfold and see those signs. And the magic that the universe offers you is a magic of hope and fulfillment and joy and challenge. It's not without pain, it's not without suffering. You can't just wave a magic wand, you know, and make the difficult times go away. In fact, some of the most powerful magic is in those times of suffering, in those challenges.

But the world is life. It's rich with divinity. It's rich with greatness. And it's casting a spell all the time. And the spell that it's casting, actually, is you.

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