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How to Cast a Circle in Wicca

Learn how to cast a circle in Wicca from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


Hi. My name is Phyllis Kurrot. I'm a Wiccan priestess, founder of the tradition of aura and I want to talk to you briefly. I'd love to show you, but we're in limited space, so I want to at least talk to you briefly about casting a circle. Casting a circle is an extraordinary practice. It's one of the most profound means of changing consciousness. When you do this on a regular basis, it becomes a trigger. The minute that you start to lay out your altar; the minute that you start to honor the four directions to move, your entire being-your energy, your mind, your body, your soul all begin to resonate with the magic of being in the presence of the sacred. A circle is a symbol. It's a symbol of the divine feminine. It's a symbol of the womb of creation. It's a symbol of infinity.

But, when you create a circle, the minute that you come into a circle with another group of people, it's no longer a symbol. At that moment it's an act of invocation. The moment a group of people gather together in a circle they have invoked the divine feminine. They have invoked the great mother, just by coming together in the circle and taking that shape together. One reason that we work in circle is that energy is equally distributed throughout a circle. It's very different from traditions that have a guru who sits on a pillow and acolytes or students who sit in front of them. This is the method for teaching and it's common, but when we're working with sacred energy, that energy distributes itself equally. Everybody participates and it's a much more powerful experience than having somebody on a podium or at a lectern and everybody else is sitting passively in pews. You cannot be in a circle alone or with others and be passive. You can receptive, but you can't be passive. And, so a circle, the laws of physics have demonstrated that's one reason we use circular pots when we cook. It distributes the energy equally. And there is within that also a very profound spiritual principle that we are all equal in the presence of the sacred. That we all share it equally. There are those who are more experienced. There is a teacher; there is a priest or a priestess with more skills and more expertise and perhaps more wisdom, but their purpose of being in the circle with you is to facilitate that experience for you and to share their wisdom and their expertise with you. You can work alone or you can work with other people. I think people should do both because each one has its own gift. A circle, when you cast a circle, you are literally creating an energy boundary. I discovered this years ago when somebody got up and walked out of the very first circle that I did on my own on a summer night up in New Hampshire and suddenly we were freezing.

Everyone was freezing and we looked around the circle and we realized that somebody had simply gotten up and walked out. There is a very simple way because energy moves in waves that you cut, like a wave shape and you walk through it and then you close it behind you. So, when you cast a circle, you are essentially creating a cauldron-a container for the energy that you're going to raise within it. And, the container-the cauldron, is the place in which the transformation takes place-your transformation, the transformation of your soul. And, the center of the circle is the point where you and the sacred are conjoined. It's the center of the universe, in a sense and you are the conduit. You are the tree of life, the Axis Mundi, and that's what your spine is.

You're the point of connection between realms and you are able to move between them. When a circle was cast, the old language was circle has cast and we are between the worlds. And, in a sense, you really are. But, what it also means is that it's the place where all those worlds, all the realms, converge, where non-ordinary reality and ordinary reality combine and where you are at the center of the sacred. And, the center of the sacred is within you.

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