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How to Invoke Divinity in Wicca

Learn how to invoke divinity in Wicca from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


If I could right now, I would draw down the moon for you. And it's a very special moon tonight. It's a super moon I was told. And the full moon is the means by which we draw down the moon. The reading of the charge of the goddess. There are countless ways of invoking, the classic phrasing is invoking the divine, invoking the goddess, invoking the god. And they're wonderful to learn and important to master, because they work. But there are other ways, and there are simple ways. So I just want to talk to you for a moment about that, because the fact of the matter is that we tend to think of the divine as inaccessible, remote, impossible, nonexistent. Make a list. And it's hard to believe that in fact the world is charged through, shot through with divinity and grace, but it is.

So I would tell you that if you had a moment tonight or later tonight, turn everything off and go outside. If you're living in a city or the suburbs, go to the roof of the building, or go to the back yard. Go outside. Whether there's rain or snow or crazy wind or moon or no moon. It doesn't matter. Just go outside. And if there's a tree, go sit next to it. If there isn't, just sit down. Sit on the grass if you can. If you're on a roof and you can't sit down, then stand. Listen. Close your eyes and listen. You'll hear the sounds of human beings. They're loud. They're noisy. They're intrusive. They're usually mechanical. If you're lucky, on the other side of that you'll hear the wind.

You'll hear the trees. That's how you hear the wind. You might hear an owl. An owl has taken up residence in the tree behind my house. You might hear geese. I live, the front of the house has an estuary, and I hear the geese arriving every night, because they've started their migrations already. The most important thing for you to hear, though, is the beating of your own heart. The first sound that you heard was the sound of the great mother goddess. It was the sound of your mother's heartbeat when you were in the womb. That heartbeat is the beat that we use when we drum to visit our ancestors, when we travel to the other world. And that ability to be present with the sacred is inside of you every moment that your heart is beating, every moment that you're alive.

If you take your hands and you put them over your heart, you can feel it. And then you beat, and that beat is an invocation of the sacred. It's a calling to the mother. It's your message that you remember that you heard that heartbeat, that you heard that first sacred sound. And you will be visited. I would suggest that you just allow it. You may have words there. You may physical sensations. You may cry. A lot of people cry. It's a good crying, though. It's there for us, and all we have to do is remember. And that first beat, that first heartbeat is the way to remember.

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