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How to Offer a Libation in Wicca

Learn how to offer a libation in Wicca from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.


One of my all-time favorite parts of circle, which you can do by yourself, and which is wonderful, but I think is best enjoyed in the company of other people, and honestly is proof to me that the divine is indwelling, it's my favorite part, is the offering of libation. And it's done after the ritual or magic is concluded. We're all done. And the juice or the wine or both, water, is passed around the circle, and everybody pours a little in their cup, which I've already done, and there is a libation bowl, symbol of the Great Mother. And the bowl is passed around, and each person pours a small amount. It's called the offering of the libation. It's like offering a toast. And a small amount is poured from your cup into the great cup, the waters of life. It's a very ancient symbol, that you pour the waters of your life into the great waters of life. And as you do so, generally people, you can do it silently, but people also speak.

And this is the moment where they speak the wisdom of their hearts. They express what they've discovered, what they learned, what was shared with them, what they saw, what they came to understand through the course of their time in circle with others, with themselves, and with the sacred. And the poetry and the insights are gorgeous. And people who have never done it before have the most profound things to say. And for me it is always proof of the indwelling divinity and grace and our capacity to experience and to bless each other by sharing it.

So my libation is my offering to each of you who I can't see but who can see me. And what I hope you see is someone who has traveled this path for a long time and been challenged by it and changed by it. I hope that the course that lies ahead of you is even half as magical and graced as mine has been. If it has, I think that we really will have the power to change ourselves and to change the way that we live in this world, to live in a balanced way, in harmony and with peace and with gratitude. And so I wish you all the magic of a life well-lived and the wisdom to cast the spell of living well. Blessed be. And then we drink. And that's a libation.

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