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Wiccan Priestess Phyllis Curott

Learn about Wiccan Priestess Phyllis Curott, one of Howcast's Wicca experts, in this video.


Hi. I'm Phyllis Curott and I'm a Wiccan priestess. And this is Gia. I have been a Wiccan priestess since 1981. So that's more than 30 years. I'm also the founder of the tradition of Ara, the temple of Ara, which is shamanic Wiccan tradition. And we are global now.

I'm also a lawyer. I've been practicing law for as long as I've been practicing Wicca. And handled a lot of the early Wiccan rights cases. I was the only Wiccan attorney for a long time and I was public since 1983. So I have a lot of the early Wiccan rights cases. The right to perform legally binding marriages in New York. The right to perform a full moon ritual, actually, in a public part in Chicago which other religions had been able to use for their purposes. And I consulted on the Pentacle case, the Army Pentacle case. And lots of high school students wanting to wear pentacles.

And I'm also an author. I've written a number of books. The first one was Book of Shadows which was the first memoir of how and ivy league lawyer becomes a witch and willing to say that in public. And witch crafting. A lot of which is the subject of the videos today, which is a guide to practicing and why to practice. Not just the how but the why as well.

I'm the vice chair of the Parliament of the World's Religion, such as the world's oldest and largest interfaith organization which introduced yoga and Buddhism to the United States, to the west and to the United States. And which in 1993, which is the first modern parliament, introduced Wicca and interpreted paganism to the world.

There are three books. The first was Book of Shadows and the second is Witchcrafting and the third is Love Spells and there's a new book that is hopefully going to be out next year which is called The Green Man. And will be followed by the Earth Principals. So that's coming out.

I lecture and I teach internationally. I travel all over the world in order to teach because that is what a priestess is. A priestess is a teacher. And so I'm deeply committed to teaching these practices. Because I really do believe that they are the means by which we're going to reestablish right relationship with the earth.

You can get in touch with me at Or through the Temple of Ara website as well.

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