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How to Make Fondant Alphabet Blocks for a Baby Shower Cake

Learn how to make fondant alphabet blocks for a baby shower cake from Angela Cuervo, winner of Food Network's Sweet Genius, in this Howcast video.


Now I'm gonna show you how to make a baby block. So what I'm going to do is use a piece of Rice Krispy, this is a nice square size 2 by 2, also I use this cookie cutter as a guide. You can make the squares as big or as little as you want.

Now I'm going to take a piece of white fondant. Just roll it in some of my cornstarch so it doesn't stick. Going to roll it out. It's not too thin, not too thick. It's a nice piece so that we can use it to cut our squares so we can cover the sides of our Rice Krispy treat.

Now I'm going to take my square cutter. I'm going to cut out some pieces. Some pieces, they don't have to be full size. Now what I'm going to do is take my Rice Krispy treat bag and I'm going to use our water as our glue. I'm going to add some to the back of it. And just take our square and add the fondant piece to the front. And we're gonna do the same thing to the back. So you can add it on the Rice Krispy treat, your glue, or you can add it straight to the fondant.

And now I'm gonna take our little pieces of fondant and I'm gonna do the same thing to the sides and to the top. So add that piece to the top. It's okay if you can see a little bit of the Rice Krispy treat sticking out because we're just gonna cover that.

And I'm gonna take this piece and I'm going to cut it in half and use it for our sides. Just get some of our water and our glue onto the side. Do the same thing to the other side. You can make this any color you want. Pink, blue, yellow.

So now I'm going to take our blue piece of fondant and I'm going to cut a letter A out of it. We're just gonna roll it in some of the cornstarch. And then take our little rolling pin, roll out a little piece. Then I'm gonna take our A, just press down, and then take a little knife and just pop it right out. And then take your center out and place that at the side. Let it dry a little bit.

Now you can start on covering up the edges of your baby block. So I'm gonna take a piece of pink fondant. I'm just gonna roll it into a ball. And then what I'm going to do take that piece and just roll it into a thin log. Just keep rolling until you have a nice size. You can roll or you can pinch and pull out. Whichever you're comfortable with.

So I'm going to take this piece and I'm going to use our water as our glue. Just go down the back and top. We'll start with this side first and add some of our glue. Then we'll take a piece of the pink fondant, bring it around the front on the top and then down the back. And just press it down so you know that it's sticking. Then I'm just going to cut it and I'm going to work on the other side.

With the same piece that we rolled out, do the same thing. Add your water as your glue and then take your piece and just put it gently on the sides and on the top. And then cut it and then just flatten it out so you can cover your Rice Krispy treat.

And now I'm going to add two pieces to the top. I'm gonna take our water again, make it as our glue. And then just take our piece, add it to the top, and then cut it. Take that piece and add it to the other side and then cut it again.

And now you just take your front part and take your letter A, add some glue like we've been doing. And just place it right on the front. And there you have your baby block or your baby shower cake.

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