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How to Make a Fondant Crown for a Princess Cake

Learn how to make a fondant crown for a princess cake from pastry chef Angela Cuervo, winner of Food Network's Sweet Genius, in this Howcast video.


I'm going to show you how to make a crown. You can use this for a boy's birthday cake. We're going to use some yellow fondant, and I'm going to just place it in some cornstarch. Get enough on there so that it doesn't stick to your mat. Put some on the top. Take a rolling pin, we're just going to roll it out. You don't want to do it too thin or too thick. If it's too thick, it's going to not dry in a good amount of time. If it's too thin, it will just fall apart. I'm going to keep rolling it out and adding cornstarch so it doesn't stick. Just keep rolling until you have it the size of the crown you would like it to be.

Now I'm going to take this piece, and I'm going to lay it flat. Smooth it out. I'm going to take an X-Acto knife, if you don't have an X-Acto knife you can use a paring knife, just a small knife with a nice little tip, and I'm going to cut a straight line down at the bottom. Then I'm going to make the peaks at the top of my crown. You can do as many or as little as you want. Just keep making them with your knife. Then I'm just going to cut the edges so it's straight, like that.

Now I'm just going to decorate it, going to make some some little diamond cut-outs at the top, using my X-Acto knife. If you have a small square cookie cutter you can use that. We're just going to do a few more. Like I said, you can design this however you want. If you're not comfortable with making the actual crown shape yourself by hand, you can draw it on a piece of paper, cut it out, and use it as a template. So I'm going to use that. Then I'm going to take a piece of yellow fondant. I'm just going to pick this up and move it over. I'm going to roll it out and make some more little diamond shapes with the piece that I'm rolling out. Going to take my X-Acto again, and make some more diamond shapes.

I'm going to take that and I'm going to use our glue, and just add it to the bottom. You can add it to each side. I'm going to make another one. Just cut a nice diamond shape. Take that shape. I'm going to add it at the end, right there. I'm going to make three more for the middle of it, like so. Then I'm going to add some more water as a glue, just down the center. Just add it right there. Like I said, you can do any type of shape or design that you want. Just make that shape. Add it to the center. Then I'm going to make one last one, and add it to the bottom with some water as my glue. So we're going to use that there.

Then I'm going to take some pearls, and I'm going to dress up my crown so it looks like it has some diamonds on it. Just going to add a few in the middle of the little diamonds I just made. Going to use blue. You can use any color you want. They have silver, gold, white, pink, any colors. Just add it there, and going to add a few more down the sides, right here. Just play with it. Dress it up as much or as little as you want.

To make the actual rounded shape of the crown, you can use a piece of paper towel roll. You're going to place it down. If you feel like it's going to move too much, you can use whatever you have around to secure it, and make sure it doesn't move. Then I'm going to pick up my piece. Don't worry about ripping it or anything like that. It should be fine to pick up. Just pick it up, and you're going to add it to your roll. You're going to leave it there to dry overnight. When you wake up in the morning, you can decorate your nice prince cake with your prince crown.

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