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How to Make a Fondant Purse for a Girl's Cake

Learn how to make a fondant purse for a girl's cake from pastry chef Angela Cuervo, winner of Food Network's Sweet Genius, in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to show you how to make a purse.

You can use a purse for a birthday cake or any other type of cake you would like. So I'm going to take some little bit darker of a beige color from my fondant, roll it in some cornstarch so it doesn't stick to my hands. Then I'm gonna start to make the shape of my bag.

So it's kinda gonna be a hobo-type bag. So make a little bit of a triangle shape. And then I'm going to flatten down the sides and then bring the top up. So you have a nice, big bag. And now, with my cutting tool, I'm going to make a line down the sides of it and then at the top. Then I'm gonna just make some design. You can do any type of design. Just gonna do a crisscross design to both sides, like this. And then I'm gonna set that aside.

I'm gonna take some black fondant. I'm going to roll out my handle for my bag. Just roll out a little piece. Just roll it into a nice little log size. I'm just gonna set that to the side also. Then I'm gonna take another piece of black fondant, roll it into a ball. And into a kind of ovaly type shape. Then I'm going to take my rolling pin, just flatten it out a little bit. Make it a little bit wider also. Use some cornstarch if it starts to stick to your mat, like so.

Then I'm gonna take piece, gonna use our water as our glue, add it to the top and a little bit on the side of your bag. And then we're gonna take that piece and just make it as a flap. And then take your cutting tool, just make a little dent where the purse would be opened. And then you're gonna take your tool with the pointed tip and then just going to make two little holes at the side. I'm gonna add our water into those little holes so our handle will stay. Take our handle and place it inside.

And then you have a nice purse bag for your special occasion cake.

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