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How to Make Fondant Numbers

Learn how to make fondant numbers from pastry chef Angela Cuervo, winner of Food Network's Sweet Genius, in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to show you how to make a number, and I'm going to be making the number one today. And this can be used for a first birthday cake for a little boy or a little girl. I'm going to use pink for a little girl. You could use any color you'd like. You can use yellow or green or blue. So I'm just going to take a piece of pink fondant. I'm going to roll it some cornstarch and then I'm going to start to roll it into a log. And then before I start to shape the number one, I'm going to take a wooden dowel, which you can take a skewer and just cut it down. And I'm going to take our glue, which is our water, and I'm going to paint the top of the dowel just a little bit so that when we insert it into our number it's going to stick. So we're just going to take and just roll it into our number, not all the way through, just halfway through. And then I'm just going to start to roll it a little more.

And I'm going to take off this excess edge. And I'm going to roll it some more. Not too thin, because we don't want the wooden dowel to show. Just roll it a little bit more. And then at the end I'm just going to roll it a little bit thinner so that we can make a nice swirl design. So I'm going to take it, I'm going to curl the end. I'm going to pinch the top. Then I'm going to take the end of it and swirl it in, and you can use a tool if you want, if you can't get it to swirl the right way. And then just swirl it up. And then I'm going to put that to the side. And I'm going to start to make the bottom of your number one. And you're going to want to let that dry over night, because if you pick it up now, it's just going to fall. So we're going to take another piece of pink fondant. I'm going do the same thing, just roll it out. And then for this we're going to, at the ends of your pink fondant, we're just going to make it a bit thinner than the body of it. And we're going to take those ends, and we're going to do the same thing that we did to the top. And we're just going to roll it to make a little swirl at each end so it looks a little whimsical and fun.

We're going to take that piece. We're going to carefully pick it up, and we're just going to bring it closer to our number one. And then when these are dry, you're going to take your number one, and you're going to place it into your cake. And then after, you're going to take your end, and you're going to place it just under your one. So you have a cute little fun number one for a first birthday cake. So if you want to do other numbers, maybe like the number eight, which is a bit trickier than the number one, what you can do is just shape your number right and then take two little toothpicks and at your rounded part of your eight just stick them in the middle. Just stick one on one end and one on the other end. Wait until they dry, and then you're just going to prop it up on your cake. And that technique can work with any curved number.

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