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How to Make a Fondant Crab for a Beach Theme Cake

Learn how to make a fondant crab for a beach theme cake from pastry chef Angela Cuervo, winner of Food Network's Sweet Genius, in this Howcast video.


So today we're going to be making a crab. I'm gonna use some premade red fondant. I'm going to roll it into a ball. You can roll it into some cornstarch, 'cause it may be sticky. Then I'm just going to flatten his back a little bit. That's for his body. Then I'm going to take a baller and make dents for his eyes. Then I'm going to take a tool with a nice pointy tip and I'm going to make his mouth. Then I'm going to set that aside and start to make his claws. I'm gonna use more premade red fondant, roll it in some cornstarch so it's not as sticky, then I'm going to roll it into a log, into a pretty thin log for his legs - for his claws. Then I'm going to take a cutting tool and I'm going to cut six little claws, set that aside. Then I'm going to take the end, and I'm going to just flatten it, flatten all six of them.

Then we're going to take some water, which is going to act as our glue and we're going to use our water just to brush it lightly on the end of his claws and arrange them as you would if he was going around his body, and just tape the crab and lay him on the legs. And you can move them around to adjust them. You can brush off the cornstarch once the crab is dry. So it'll be fine if it stays there. And then take some more red fondant to make his front claws, two little ball-sized, and then just roll it like a tear drop, and then you're going to flatten the ends like you did with his little legs. We're going to take some more of our water which is our glue, and we're gonna stick them under him in the front. And then we'll cut his claw with our cutting tool, and open them up a little bit.

Then you're going to take white fondant and roll them into balls for his eyes. Then you're going to take more of your water and put them in the little dents we made in the beginning, and then you're gonna place the white eyes in there. So now you can take an edible marker and draw his eyes on. So that's how you make a crab. You can use this crab on a sea cake or any other cake you would like to.

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