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How to Make a Fondant Bunny

Learn how to make a fondant bunny from pastry chef Angela Cuervo, winner of Food Network's Sweet Genius, in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to show you how to make a bunny for maybe a baby shower cake or any other cake you can use it for. I'm going to take some pink fondant, pre-made, and roll it in some corn starch so it doesn't stick to my hands. Then I'm going to start with his body. So I'm just going to roll it and then make it into an oval shape. Then I'm going to pinch for his little bunny feet. I'm going to pinch at the bottom and then I'm going to just bring him up and make a little dent over here so we can show his little bunny feet. And I'm going to take the same tool and make his little feet.

I'm going to bring him back down and make his little arms so he can hop. I'm just going to take his arms and then bring them down and make little dents. I'm going to set that aside. I'm going to start with his head. Just going to take another piece of pink fondant and roll it into a ball. Now for his cute little bunny ears I'm just going to take the top and pinch up to make his nice little bunny ears. I'm going to pinch up on the other side also.

I'm just going to take his ears and lay him flat, maybe fold one of them down. Then I'm going to take a small ball tool and make dents for his eyes. I'm going to take our water, which we use as our glue, and put it in the dents and add two white sugar pearls as his eyes. Then I'm going to make another little dent for his nose and I'm going to use pink sugar pearls. I'm going to take one and I'm going to use some water so it sticks and add it as his nose. I'm going to make his little mouth with a nice smile. It's a happy occasion.

Then I'm going to take his body back and add some water as our glue. Then I'm going to take his little head and attach it. You're going to want to let that dry over night so that in the morning you have your bunny for your cute cake.

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