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Fondant Tools & Ingredients

Learn about the tools and ingredients you need to make fondant from Angela Cuervo, winner of Food Network's Sweet Genius, in this Howcast video.


Now I'm gonna show you a little bit more about the tools that I've used in the videos.

So this tool I mostly use to cut like little, maybe feet in some of the animals. I'll use it even to cut shapes out of the fondant that I've rolled. And then this balling tool, I'll use to make dents for the eyes and then that's when I'll add the pearls for them. And then you can use this tool, the other side, the bigger ball, just to maybe flatten out some of your edges.

And then I'll use this tool, which has two points. One is a bit thinner, one is a bit thicker. So I'll also use this tool to make the smiley face or just make some little marks into some of the animals instead of just, you know, using my flat edge tool.

And then I'll use another balling tool, which I can also use to make the dents or I'll use it for the ears. Just to give it a little bit of a longer look to the ear. So I'll use that for that. And then this tool I would have used to make the ruffles in our ruffle cake. And this tool is pretty much what you'll just use anytime you want to make a ruffle.

And then I'll use a tweezers, of course, clean tweezers that I'll but in a pharmacy store, and I'll use it just to pinch the tops of your dinosaur or your alligator. So I'll just go into my fondant and pinch it and pick it up, like that.

And then our glue, which is our water, I'll use that to attach our eyes or, you now, our little dots or anything else that you need to glue to your fondant. That's your friend, is the water .

And to buy the fondant you can just get premade. Or you can make your own which is a little bit harder. But if you'd like a challenge you can do that. You can buy your white fondant at any cake supply store or any craft store. You can also buy them in different colors. Buy them in dark reds or greens or yellows or blues. And then if you want to make brown you can just buy your food coloring in a brown color and just add it to your white. And you can also do that if you want to make a lighter pink or a baby blue or a lighter color yellow.

So you don't need most of these tools that you see at my table. Just pretty much the basic ones are easy to use and you can find that in any craft store or cake supply store.

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