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How to Throw a Blind Pass

Learn how to throw a blind pass from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Today we'll talk about how to throw a blind pass. Otherwise known in basketball as a no look pass. A lot of times a blind pass or a no look pass is used to catch the defender off guard and you want to make a pass to your open team mate without giving the pass away where the defense doesn't know exactly where you're throwing the ball. A lot of times the defense are able to get steals because they're able to watch the ball handler's eyes and notice where they're looking. That's why the blind pass or no look pass is good because a lot of times it allows you to make a good open pass to your teammate without the ball being stolen. So right now we'll pretend that myself is the ball handler and my teammate George will be on offense.

As we walk through this segment right here, Sammy, who's one of our best defenders will do his best to not make me look bad and hopefully he does not steal the ball or intercept the pass. So Sammy will be our defender.

Most of the time no look passes or blind passes are utilized in transition opportunities coming down the court. For the sake of this segment I'll start here at the top of the key. So as I'm coming down the court Sammy's on defense. He's guarding the basketball. What I want to do is I know that my teammate George on the left side is open. So as I'm looking at Sammy and I'm dribbling the ball I want to dribble and I'm going to look off in this direction so now the defense will shift and I want to make the pass right there to my open teammate.

Now as we do this full speed and I'm coming down in the game I'll take a dribble, I'll look, and I'll pass.

The last thing we want to do is we'll put George on the opposite side because in basketball you always want to be able to do everything with both hands. Now that I just did that with my right hand, I'll come down with my left hand. Same thing. I'm dribbling down my left, I'm looking off, and I pass it to George.

That's how you throw a blind pass.

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