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How to Throw a Bounce Pass

Learn how to throw a bounce pass from former top-ranking college basketballplayer Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Today we'll talk about how to make a bounce pass. My buddy Sammy and I will demonstrate the principles as far as making a bounce pass. A lot of times bounce passes are used to be able to get the ball to your teammate without it getting deflected in the air. Most of the time defenders play passes in the air which makes it easier to make bounce passes sometimes.

Sammy, you fell like you can give me a good bounce pass? If so give me five.

Oh, boy! My man!

So this is what we'll do. Sammy and I will be on the opposite sides of the lane. So what we'll do is the first step is we want to make sure that we always step into our pass with our leg because that's where we get our power from. The second thing is as far as making a bounce pass you always want the ball to bounce about three quarter of the way between the passer and the person receiving the pass.

So what we want to do is, as I'm here on this side of the lane, I step into it, I bounce it, and then I follow through. We always want a bounce pass to be in one bounce. We don't want it to take multiple bounces. So now Sammy will bounce pass back to me. You notice he steps in and feeds me perfectly. Whenever we make a pass we always want to try to make it where the recipient can receive it right in their stomach. We want to try not to make passes to the left or to the right but accuracy is also important.

So again I want to step forward, I'm a right handed player, step forward with my right leg, bounce it, follow through and it hits him perfectly. And then Sammy will come right back to me, bounce pass, so now we want to keep balance, bounce pass, bounce pass.

To give you a better view what we'll do is now we'll stand in this direction and we'll make five bounce passes back to each other.

That's one I'll step. Sammy does a nice job of stepping through. Right in the stomach. Power, accuracy, and precision. Very good.

That's how you through a bounce pass.

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