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How to Throw a Touch Pass

Learn how to throw a touch pass from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


A touch pass in basketball is an advanced pass that is used, and it really takes experience to understand when to make the touch pass. A touch pass is really used when the ball is in the air, or coming towards you, and you really don't want to spend a lot of time holding on to the ball to make a pass, but as the ball is in the air, you want to anticipate who you're going to throw the ball to, so as soon as it touches your hand, you're literally passing the ball without holding it. So what we'll do right now is we'll demonstrate, Sammy and I will be the offensive players, and George will be on defense. So a touch pass is used a lot of times where the ball might be up in the air, and it might be an equal opportunity for the defender to get the ball, as well as the offensive player.

So now, I understand that Sammy is my teammate, and he's open. So now a ball might go up in the air, and George and I might both go for the basketball, and as it goes up, I can get it and literally tap it right to my offensive player. So we'll do that one more time. And again, it's very important to understand that with making this pass, you have to have an idea of who you're going to throw the ball to, and pre-play the play ahead before the play actually happens. So one more time.

As I throw the ball up in the air, George and I will go for it slowly, and I'll get to the ball first, and I'll touch pass it to him. So now the ball is up, George goes for it, and I'm able to touch pass it, and make a touch pass to my offensive player. The most important thing is to understand where your open teammates are, and where the defenders are, because it's an experienced play that you have to understand, when to make it, and how to make it, and it's a split second play, where as soon as that basketball hits your hand, you're tipping it right to your teammate. That's how you make a touch pass.

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