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How to Throw a Behind-the-Back Pass

Learn how to throw a behind-the-back pass from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Behind the back passes are a more advanced pass that we'll show you how to make. Behind the back passes can be utilized and are great as far as catching the defense off guard and being able to make a pass to your teammate if done correctly. Accuracy is very important in this pass.

What we always want to do is, we'll put George on offense and we'll have Sammy on defense. So now as I'm coming down the court, the first thing I want to do is not necessarily make eye contact with George, because I don't want the defenders to know exactly what I'm doing. So it's similar to a no look pass in that I want to look off. Okay? So I'm looking in one direction. And then what I'll do is I'll take the ball, as I get the defense leaning this way, I'll go around my back and pass it to George that way.

And again, with all of the passes that we always talk about, accuracy and precision are very important. You do not want to make behind the back passes where it lobs in the air or it goes down by their feet and takes multiple bounces.

So that's why this is an advanced pass where the defender is here and I wanna be able to make a straight pass. Again I'll do it one more time. I'm looking this direction, straight pass. Now, we always talk about trying to do everything with both hands. This isn't something that I practice regularly, but I'll try to do this with my left hand as well.

So now I'm gonna look off this way and I wanna try to hit George that way. One more time. I'm coming his direction. All my left handed players out there, we wanna be able to look off and make that pass with our left hand.

That's how you make a behind the back pass.

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