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How to Throw a Wraparound Pass

Learn how to throw a wraparound pass from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


A wrap around pass is used where there is defensive pressure on the basketball, and I actually want to step around my defender and wrap the basketball around their bodies to an open teammate, okay? So now, right now we'll have George on offense, along with myself, and Sammy will be on defense. So now George is open, and Sammy is doing a good job of applying ball pressure. The way we make a wrap around pass is I want to step, as Sammy is applying ball pressure, I want to step around Sammy's leg, okay, and wrap the ball around my body, and around his body, in this type of motion. So I want to wrap the ball around him, where now I'm feeding my teammate, okay? So I'll do that one more time.

The defense is here, and as I'm dribbling the basketball, or I have it in triple threat, I'm going to come from this motion, I'm handling the ball, step around, and pass, okay? We'll go the opposite way as well, where now George is on offense on the right side, and now what I'll do is I'll step across, what I always want to do is I want to step across with my right leg on this side, because it's very important to lock or seal this defender, so now as I wrap it around, he can not steal the ball as easily, as opposed to this.

If I step with this leg, I'm still allowing the defender to have access to the basketball while stepping around, so I'm not necessarily sealing him off of the ball. So again, it's very important, I want to step with this leg, and I can wrap around with my left hand, and then we'll go to the opposite side one more time, I'm on this side, I'll step around with this leg, and wrap the ball around that way. That's how you make a wrap around pass.

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