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How to Throw a Pick & Roll Pass

Learn how to throw a pick and roll pass from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Instructor: Right now we'll talk about how to make a pick and roll pass. First of all, a pick and roll is used in basketball to be able to set a screen on the defender for another offensive player to then help your ball handler get open. Alright? So one more time, a pick and roll is used in basketball. If I'm on offense, and Sammy is on defense, we'll have a screener that will try to help me get open. And then as I'm coming off the pick, I want to be able to make that pass.

So now we'll walk through this. I'm on offense, and I have the basketball here. Right now Sammy's guarding. Sammy's a great on the ball defender. And I can't shake him. I can't get open. The only way I can get open is I need help from my teammate. And that's where my teammate comes in handy, where he's going to set me a pick. So now, as I'm coming off this pick with the basketball, this is my other teammate on offense standing underneath the basket. I can't get him the ball, because Sammy's doing a great job of applying defensive pressure. Right Sammy?

Sammy: Right.

Instructor: So now, as I'm coming off this screen, I'm open and I want to be able to make this pass as soon as I come off this screen. So now we'll speed it up a little bit to see how it looks. I'm handling the basketball. Here's the screen. I come off. And I pass. We'll set it up the opposite way now, where we'll have George on that side. Again, Sammy's guarding me, and I can't get open. I'm trying. I'm trying to dribble. I can't get open. He's doing a great job of playing defense on me. I need a screen. I come off this screen, and I make the pass.

That's how you make a pick and roll pass.

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