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How to Do a Low Dribble

Learn how to do a low dribble from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


All right. Right now we'll talk about how to low dribble.

And dribbling low is excellent because in a game situation, you'll always want to handle the ball low because it makes it more difficult for a defender to steal the basketball.

Like any other thing in basketball, finger tip control is essential. All right?

So now what we'll do is we'll show you a couple of quick drills that you can use to become a better low ball handler.

All right, so the first thing that I want to do is, I want to start low on my finger tips just like this. OK?

So, I'm doing it with my right hand. Finger tip control. And one of the things you'll notice that I always talk about, eyes closed, and my knees are bent. Eyes closed, and the ball is staying in one spot.

We don't want to move the ball where the ball is controlling us all over the place. But notice as I do this, I'm maintaining control right on my finger tips.

So now, right now, we'll have George and Sammy go up quickly. Sammy, you can come in a little bit. And now we'll have them bend their knees, eyes closed, nice and low, finger tips. See how they're doing a very good job handling the ball in one spot.

Okay, so now I'll go again. And now I'll demonstrate with my left hand. Same thing. Everything we do with one hand, we want to be able to do with the other. I'm keeping the ball in one spot, chin up, eyes closed, 'cuz now when I get in the game, I can see everything that's going on.

So now we'll have George and Sammy go. Left hand, finger tip control. Very good. Speed. Accuracy. With their left hand.

The next thing that we'll do is we'll add to this. Is now we want to try to handle the ball a little more advanced where now I'm low with my right hand and I want to try to go one direction out, across my body, and then I'll bring it back to my left, across my body, finger tip control, across my body, finger tip control.

I hope these guys can do it.

Here we go. Let's give it a try. Right hand, here we go. Across your body, finger tip control, eyes closed. Very good. And now they'll switch to their left hand. Excellent job.

Finger tip control is essential in working on dribbling the basketball low.

That's how you dribble the ball low.

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