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How to Do a Reverse Dribble

Learn how to do a reverse dribble from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Right now we'll talk about how to do a reverse dribble, more commonly known as a spin dribble. This dribble technique is good and can be utilized effectively if you're dribbling low and it gives you an opportunity to change direction while really protecting the basketball because you'll always have your body between the ball and the defender making it more difficult for the ball to get stolen.

Right now I'll show you how I'll look stationary and then we'll have Sammy and George do a drill that we like to do going up and down the court.

The first thing is we want to stay low with the basketball. Now we'll pretend, Let's put the ball down for a second, George, and we'll pretend that George is guarding me right here. Now, as George is guarding me in this particular drill I want to take the ball and as I'm dribbling in one direction and I get him leaning I'm going to plant and pivot with my left foot. Notice how now my body is between the basketball and the defender. Now I'm going to use that to spin off of him and go the opposite way still protecting the basketball.

One of the things that you want to make sure that you do is protect the ball on the spin. What people do sometimes is this. AS they're dribbling the basketball they'll go and turn their body but leave the basketball behind them and get the ball stolen. So you want to make sure that as we do this I'm protecting the basketball and now my ball handling is going from here to here. Notice as I spun I keep my leg protecting against the defender.

I'll do that one more time slowly. I'm dribbling the basketball, I'm protecting it here, here, and now it goes to my left hand.

Then on the opposite way without a defender it'll look like this. I'm here, I protect, I drop, and now I come this way. Notice every time that I spin and I open up I'm protecting the basketball.

So now what we'll do is we'll have Sammy and George go to the baseline and they'll do a zig-zag drill working on protecting the basketball. Here we go. Protect it, turn, very good. Protect it, turn, very good. Notice Sammy does a nice job of protecting the basketball, he'll come back, he'll protect it - one second, George - he'll protect it, turn, protect it, turn, very good, protect it, turn.

Now we'll watch George do it a little bit faster. Here we go. Spin, very good. Protect it, nice job! Protect the ball. Here we go. Now he has it here. The defender reaches, very good, excellent, good balance, and now he protects it.

So you notice they both did very good jobs as far as staying low, protecting the ball off the spin. Very important because you don't want the defender to be able to reach and steal the ball.

That's you a do a reverse dribble, more commonly known as a spin dribble.

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