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How to Do a Half-Reverse Dribble

Learn how to do a half-reverse dribble from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Right now we'll talk about the counter move to the spin dribble or the reverse dribble. Now we'll half reverse dribble or half spin dribble, it's the same thing.

So now we've set our defender up the first time talking about a spin dribble where I'm coming down and I plan and pivot with my opposite foot of the leg that I'm dribbling with. So if I'm dribbling with my right hand I'm going to step across with my left and spin and go all the way around.

The counter to that move is now I have the ball in my right hand, as I put it down with my left, I'm going to half reverse and then come back quickly. And then if I have the ball in my left hand again the way the spin dribble would look is I step across with my right leg, I spin and then I push off.

The counter to that move, the half reverse or half spin dribble going left is I have it in my left hand, I fake and then I come right back and accelerate.

So now what we'll do is we'll have George going down in one direction working on the half reverse, half spin dribble with his right hand and then we'll have Jerry come back with his left hand in the opposite direction.

So George will go first, so here we go. He'll push out with his right, he'll fake it, come right back, he'll fake likes he's spinning, come right back and then he'll fake like he's spinning, come right back.

Now as Jerry goes, George did it at a nice slow moderate pace for us now we'll have Jerry go a little bit more full speed to see how it looks with the left hand. Here we go. Push it out, he'll spin, he get's the defender leaning, he'll spin, get the defender leaning, he'll spin.

So that's how it will look full speed. You can utilize that with either your right hand or your left hand and it's the counter move to the reverse dribble or the spin dribble which is now what we just did is the half reverse or half spin dribble.

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