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How to Do a Finger Roll

Learn how to do a finger roll from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Right now we'll talk about how to finger roll the basketball. And what a finger roll is, is a version of a lay up when you're attacking the basket and you want to try and get as close to the rim as possible and finger rolling the ball right into the basket.

So it's probably somewhere in between a regular lay up and a dunk. The point of emphasis is that again you want to over exaggerate your follow through on you underhand motion and releasing the point at your peak of your jump.

So right now what we'll do is we'll work with Jerry and George as far as attacking the basket and really trying to explode to the basket and finishing underhand at the highest peak of their jump.

So we'll have both guys coming out now. We'll have Jerry first. So what we'll do is we'll start here with our right hand and we'll cross over and we'll take an additional dribble and then it's just like a lay up except with a lay up sometimes you finish on the right side or the left side.

With the finger roll you never use the backboard on a finger roll. Most of the time a finger roll is used to put the ball straight into the basket.

So right now we'll watch Jerry. Here we go. He'll cross, see how he releases at the peak of his jump. Here we go George, one dribble, he releases at the peak of his jump. So you see how both of those guys really explode to the basket and the same thing that we always talk about.

We want to be able to finish with both hands so right now we'll go the opposite direction. Jerry will take it at the peak of his jump, exploding finger rolling it in and then George at the peak of his jump, finger rolling it in.

So remember, whenever we do a finger roll we want to finish underhand, explode to the basket, release at the peak of our jump and we really want to try to finish above the rim.

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