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How to Do a Bank Shot

Learn how to do a bank shot from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


What we'll work on right now is how to shoot a bankshot. And what a bankshot is, is a shot that has to go off of the backboard in order for the ball to go into the basket.

A couple things that you have to remember is when shooting a bankshot is you have to get enough off on your shot in order for the ball to bounce off the backboard higher than the rim in order for it to drop in.

So right now, I'll take a couple of shots and I'll have Jerry rebound for me. So what I want to do is I want to shoot the ball high enough off the backboard where the ball can go right off the backboard and into the rim. So the trajectory on my shot has to be high enough where I can get off the backboard and right in.

What we don't want to do is this. When you're shooting a bankshot you don't want to shoot the ball low where the ball does not have a chance to go in. So you notice, even though this is hitting the backboard, I'm not shooting the ball high enough for it to drop in the rim.

So the principle in this is we wanna go high, swish, high, swish. And then even as you move, start to move back out, it's the same principle where you're getting the ball high enough off the backboard and I'm swishing it right in. Notice that? As it goes off the backboard, we want to try not to hit the rim that much. High, bankshot in. Same thing. As I start go out, I'm bending my knees more. High, bankshot, in, off the backboard.

That's how you shoot a bankshot.

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