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How to Do a Hook Shot

Learn how to do a hook shot from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


What we'll talk about now is the hook shot.

The hook shot is a shot that's not used as often as it used to be. A lot of players right now like to work on jump hooks.

But the hook shot is a very effective shot for low post players because it's a very difficult shot to block, one, because your body is always between the ball and the defender, and then secondly, the arc that you're able to get on this shot make it also a difficult shot to block.

The jump hook is typically used off of 2 feet. The hook shot is used off of 1 foot.

So what we'll do is I'll walk through it slowly.

Coming in this direction, if there's a defender on you, we'll have Granville on defense right now, what you want to do is when you have the basketball, you'll step across your body with your inside foot, again, now protecting the basketball from the defender. And then as you go up, it's this type of motion for the finish,

And then when we go the opposite way, the defender's on this side, we want to step across with our left foot and now finish in this motion.

So ideally we'd like our shoulders to be in this direction, always protecting the basketball here. And then ideally, when we come off of this one foot, we'd like to have our shoulders here, protecting the basketball here.

So we'll have Morrell and Granville walk through this right now and we'll see how they do.

So there, we'll take a step, protect it, over his shoulder, very nice. One more?
Notice as he steps, he protects the ball. And he got excellent arc.

Now we'll switch it up. We'll have Granville work on the left hand and Morrell will be the rebounder. So as Granville steps, left hand, and again as he steps, left hand.

So that's ideally what we use the hook shot for.

And again, going back to the points of emphasis, we always want to stay low, shoulder between the basketball and the defender, and we get a nice high arc to finish our hook shot.

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