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How to Do a Jump Hook Shot

Learn how to do a jump hook shot from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Now we'll talk about a jump hook.

A jump hook is used by inside players as a way to vertically jump and at the peak of your jump, you want to release the ball keeping your shoulder between the defender and the basketball, and flipping your wrist into the basket.

So what we'll do right now is we'll walk through this where again, a jump hook is used where you want to elevate off of 2 feet, and it's very important to have good balance. and you want to go straight up and straight down into your shot.

So what we'll do right now is. as we do this particular drill, Morrell is on defense right now, I always want to put myself in position where if he is guarding me here, I have my shoulder protecting the basketball and the ball is on this side of me. So now as I elevate and as I power up off of 2 feet, I'm able to finish in this type of motion without him being able to block my shot.

And then when we go the opposite way and you have the basketball, it's your left shoulder on the defender and everything is power, low, vertical, up, over, follow-through.

So right now what we'll do is is we'll have Morrell take 3 to 5 jump hooks to see how it looks.

Again, he gets the ball, he stays low, over his head, nice job. See how he's nice and low? On the catch, and he's up and over.

So now we'll switch it up and we'll have Granville go with his left hand.

He stays low, up, over, he protects the ball, up over, and again remember it's important as he takes the basketball, you don't want to open up your shoulder too much to have your shot blocked, but you want to have your shoulders square and go vertical.

So one more time. Vertical, up and over.

So those are the points of emphasis when we talk about doing a jump hook. It's vertical, low, power in your legs, explode, up and over the defender for your jump hook.

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