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How to Shoot a Basketball Farther

Learn how to shoot a basketball farther from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Right now we'll talk about how to shoot a basketball farther. The biggest thing that you always want to remember is that in order to get more distance on your shot you need power from your legs. Your technique is still the same, your follow through is still the same. Everything in your shot remains the same, except the further out you go away from the basket you need more power in your shot, which means you need to get lower in your legs.

So what I'll do right now is I'll have Marrel rebound and we'll watch me take a couple of shots here where you see I shoot. You notice I don't have to bend my knees as much because that's a pretty close shot. But as I back up, you notice that I need to bend my knees more because now the shot is further and I need more power into my shot.

So right now we'll have Jerry and George, George is up first, take a couple of shots. And you'll see them now off of the jump shot. See, he's bending low, he's following through, he's bending low, he's following through and he's bending low. Alright? So now we'll watch Jerry take a couple of shots. Jerry's bending low, follow through on his shot. See how he's kind of dipping, following through, he's bending low and he's dipping.

Now we'll go a little bit further out. And now we'll watch them shoot from three. So see how he has to get lower and he needs more legs into his shot. He needs to get lower, more legs, lower, more legs. Okay? So now we'll watch Jerry shoot. Lower, see how he's getting nice and low on his shot? Nice and low and he stops. Okay?

So that's exactly what we want to do. As far as shooting the basketball farther you need more legs in order to get more distance in your shot.

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