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How to Do a Putback

Learn how to do a putback from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Now we'll talk about how to put-back the basketball after rebounding.

It's essential for all players to be able to rebound and put back, but very important for big players such as Granville and Morrell, who do a lot of rebounding.

A couple of points of emphasis before we show you is, one, when you rebound, you always want to hold the basketball over your head. Secondly, once you rebound, you want to be able to put it back in as quickly as possible without getting the ball stolen.

So once you rebound, we want to be able to bend our knees and explode to the basket.

So what we'll do right now is we'll walk through quickly with Morrell going on the right side and Granville going on the left side, how to rebound, rebounding the ball at its apex, putting it in, and then finishing with the put-back.

All right, so this is a drill that we do daily.

You'll watch Morrell. He'll shoot about 6 shots. You'll notice that as he does it, he's holding the ball high off the backboard. He's keeping the ball above his head. And he's exploding quickly for the rebound and the put-back. All right, that's 3. He'll do 2 more. Rebound, put-back. Notice his concentration level. He keeps the ball above the head, and he finishes.

Now we'll go to Granville. He'll do the same thing on the left side. Notice excellent athlete. Getting the ball up above his head. He's rebounding, and he's jumping quickly. We always like to refer to this as our quick-twitch muscles, where he's able to rebound, land, and explode back up. So we'll have him finish 1 more time. Above the head, rebound, and put-back.

So those are things that are always essential, especially for big players, but all players in general. You rebound, you put-back, and you finish.

That's how you put-back and rebound.

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