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How to Do a Tip-In

Learn how to do a tip-in from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Now, we'll talk about how to do a tip-in. A tip-in is an excellent way to rebound and put back without landing with the basketball. A lot of times in basketball, we talk about rebounding and grabbing the ball with two hands.

But there are certain instances during the game where you don't have time or the ability to always grab the ball with two hands, but you still want to be able to main [SP] control of the basketball and get the two points. So, this is a good drill that we do as far as tipping in the basketball where the ball is up in the air and anyone can get it, whether it be the offensive player or the defensive player. But if you're the offensive player, you want to try to get to the basketball as quickly as possible, maintain fingertip control of the basketball and tipping it in when you can still get the two points without coming down and landing with it.

So, right now, what I'll do is go through a game situation where I'll stand on this side. I'll throw the ball to the opposite side of the backboard, as if there's a missed shot in the game. And we'll watch how Morello is able to explode, control the basketball with his fingertips and tip it in. So, I'll have him go about three times, okay?

So, I'll throw the ball, that's a missed shot in the game. He controls it, tips it in. He knows he has very good control of fingertips. Everything is one hand. Most of the time on the tip-in, you want to be able to control it with one hand, excellent job.

So, now, we'll have Granville come to the opposite side and he'll work on tipping it in with his left hand. So, again, it's a missed shot. He controls it, tips it in. Excellent control, fingertips, he controls it and he tips it in.

Now, the last thing that we'll talk about is being able to tip it in twice and maintain and control. What I mean by that is sometimes, you might go to try to tip the basketball in and you miss it and you want to be able to get it back up there quickly. So, now, we'll do a double tip-in, where we'll practice. Off of this missed shot, Granville will actually miss. And he'll practice making a second tip-in off of his initial, made shot.

So, you'll see here. You watch him, he misses, he recovers and he puts it in. All right, so one more time. Off the miss, he'll control it, he'll miss it, put it back in and tip it in. So, now, we've shown you a combination of ways in which you can work on your right-hand tip-ins, your left-hand tip-ins and then also, a double tip where you control it off of your missed shot.

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