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How to Do a Turnaround Jump Shot

Learn how to do a turnaround jump shot from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Now we'll talk about shooting a turnaround shot. A turnaround shot is used by low post players. When they're getting the ball in the low post and they back their man down, they want to fake like they're going in one direction and turn around and shoot in the opposite direction.

Nine times out of ten, most of the time your turnaround is used going towards your strong hand. Meaning that if I'm a right handed player, I'm going to fake like I'm going left and spin and turn right to turn around with my right hand. And if I was a left handed player, I'd go the opposite way. I'd fake like I'm dribbling right and turn around to my strong hand with my left side. Okay?

So the first thing we want to do is make sure we establish good low post position. And then, off our our two dribbles, we want to try to create space where we can get nice and close to the basket. So now as we turn around, the way our footwork should look is like this.

I'm going to get the ball and I'm going to take two dribbles to back down.
Dribble, dribble. Okay? Off of this second dribble, what I want to do is you notice I'm starting to drop my left foot and I'm spinning off of this left foot. So now as I spin off and I turn around, I have good balance into my shot. So one more time, I'll do it a little bit quicker.

So you notice I'm dribbling, dribbling. On my second dribble you notice that this leg is already dropping and I'm ready to turn around into my shot. So we'll walk through it now relatively full speed. We'll start with Merella on offense first.

Okay. So we'll come out a little bit. Here we go. We'll back him down. Turn, spin, shot. Very good. He'll go one more time. So we'll give him the ball. As he takes these two dribbles he's turning with his left foot. Turning and shot. And now we'll watch Granville quickly. Granville will post up, same spot. He'll back him down, back him down. Notice Granville has very good balance on his shot. He's nice and low. One more time. He backs down. Power, turn, shot and finish.

Very nice job by both of those guys. We stay low on our dribble. On that second dribble we reverse pivot and we're ready to get into our shot.

That's how you do a turnaround shot.

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