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How to Do a Fadeaway

Learn how to do a fadeaway from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Now we'll talk about the fade away shot. A fade away shot can be used anywhere on the court. And what you want to do with a fade away is make sure that you create separation between the offensive player and the defensive player in order to get your shot off. So that's why it's called fade away because, as you're releasing the ball you're actually creating separation and fading away from the defender.

So what you always want to do it, like any other good offensive player and any other good offensive move, you want to make sure that you stay low on your attack. You're low on your dribble and then as you get ready to shoot the ball, in order to create separation, you want to push off your inside leg and create separation and fade away and get high off of in your shot.

Now, it's important that as you fade away you still try to maintain good body control and balance from your legs because that's where you're really going to get a lot of your power from your show throw. So now, as you're fading away, you want to have good balance. Even though your upper torso is leaning back you want to have good body control from your lower legs, and then you want to over exaggerate your follow through because you're going to need enough off on your shot in order for the ball to go in the basket.

So what we'll do right now is Marrel will rebound for me for one second and I'll demonstrate how it looks with no defense. Where again I'll just take two dribbles. And now off of this I want to create space, fade away and shoot the ball. So you notice as I did that I step into the defender and then I came back. Even though my upper body is in this type of position I had good balance from my legs and I was able to get the shot up in the air.

So right now we'll have Marrel and Granville go thorough it at pretty close to game speed right now. Okay? So I'll feed it. Alright. I want to create separation, fade away. Nice job. And now we'll have Granville give it a try. I give him the ball, he gets nice and low. He gets deep. Separation, shot.

So those are the keys to remember whenever we're talking about shooting a fade away shot. We want to stay low. And remember, the term fade away means that we want to fade away from our defender, create separation, lower leg balance off the shot. That's how you shoot a fade away.

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